Tractor Insurance

All-round protection to your farm tractor

This policy provides all-round protection to your farm tractor against any unforeseen loss or damages due to accidents, theft, fire, or natural disasters.

Risks Covered
  • Different types of external damages.
  • Burglary, theft, accidental external damage, etc.
  • Natural causes like Flood, storms, lightning, earthquake, landslide, etc.
  • Third-party liabilities to any injury, death, property damage etc.
  • Common wear and tear and/or general aging of the vehicle
  • Consequential loss or any depreciation shall not be covered.
  • Any mechanical or electrical breakdown shall not be covered.
  • The use of the vehicle beyond its limitation shall not render liability for insurance cover.
  • Any loss is occurring as a result of damage to or by a person driving under the influence of narcotics or liquor.
  • Any damage as a result of mutiny, nuclear exposure or war

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