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Coverage to water vehicles like a boat, ship, yacht, fishing boat, steamer etc.

This is an insurance against accidents causing damage to the vessel or capsizing. It covers ship owners, operators and those having insurable interest in the same. A hull means the body of the vessel and that is exactly what is covered by this insurance policy.

Risks Covered
  • Damage to the hull of the ship or vessel, including its machinery and equipment
  • Damage or loss to the ship due to fire, burglary and/or theft
  • Accidental damage to the ship due to earthquake, lightning, etc.
  • Damage done to other boats by the insured vessel (third party liability)
  • Damage to the vessel during maintenance activity
  • Normal wear and tear of the hull and machinery
  • Damage done due to nuclear activity
  • Radioactive contamination
  • Damage done by the crew members under the influence of alcohol
  • Intentional damage to vessel
  • Damage done to the vessel due to terrorist activities
  • Involvement in dangerous activities which may lead to hull damage
  • Sailing the vessel in a storm after issuance of warming
  • Overloading of goods

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