How to CLAIM from your policy

  • Motor: Should any accident occur involving your vehicle you should immediately notify your account handler/agent/broker, office and Police giving details of the accident and location.
  • Accident: You should also do the same as for Motor Insurance. With Group Personal Accident, medical forms should accompany the claim but in case of death a post-mortem report and death certificate must be submitted for settlement of the claim.
  • Worker’s Compensation/Group Personal Accident: In case a worker sustains injuries, the District Labour Office should be immediately notified. A doctor’s report should be submitted along with the LD forms.
  • Fire/Marine, Goods-in-Transit/Miscellaneous Risks: The report should be made immediately to us and the Police.
  • Accept liability
  • State the accident was your fault
  • Repair or replace lost or damaged property without authority from Statewide Insurance Company Ltd
  • Dispose damaged property and or salvage without authority from Statewide Insurance Company Ltd
  • Rely on police or local authority to report your accident to us. Report to us yourself
  • Fail to pursue recovery from third parties as this will affect your overall experience.

CLAIMS Requirements

  • Copy of current Driving Permit
  • Completion of the claim form
  • Our inspection of the motor vehicle(s)
  • Police Reports where necessary
  • An estimate of repair from a garage of your choice where repairs are likely to be done
  • Two Estimates / Quotations
  • Police Report / Appropriate Authority Report
  • Original Medical reports
  • LD forms from labour office
  • Original medical receipt (medical claims)
  • Post-mortem and death certificate where applicable
  • Statement from employer on accident/death
  • Pay slip of insured person/claimant
  • Pay slips of the previous 2 months
  • Employee ID
  • Approved sick leave forms
  • Police Report
  • Carrier/Transporters Statement
  • Letter from client to carrier/transporters
  • Bill of Lading
  • Invoices
  • Police/Appropriate Authority Report e.g. Local council report
  • Medical Reports
  • Original medical receipts
  • Post-mortem and death certificate (death)
  • Statement of Employer on accident / death
  • Pay slip of insured person or claimant
  • Police Report / Appropriate Authority report
  • Estimates of repairs or invoices for replacement of loss / damaged item(s)

In all instances, report to the nearest Police Station and service office as soon as you get a loss.


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